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I was commissioned to do the music and sound for a short film. Upon receiving it I found that the original dialogue was completely unsuitable and beyond repair, and that the projects GM had “misplaced” the individual audio files. Fortunately Neil was able to not only re-record the original dialogue to the same tempo and phrasing as the lead actors played it, but also have more life and clarity than the original audio.

David Cole Music

Outstanding experience on the work he did for our Jeep Commercials

Lara from F.Biz

Very professional. Very fast and just a fantastic working experience

Keith Marshak Marketing - The Coasters

They were perfect & extremely quick! Thanks Downstage Voices

TUI Cruise Lines

I have used them a few times, They have been very responsive with high quality and easy to work with even when I was not responsive."

X3 Tradesmen

I was absolutely amazed by the quality of the voice acting work Neil did for me. He hit the nail right on the head with absolute precision and more. I had asked Neil to do some text parts for a character I had written. He truly delivered. His voice is very rich and he has it under perfect control, giving the character the right personality."

Robert Carell - Producer

5 Stars - Outstanding Experience

Devin Clark - WhiteRock Productions

It was amazing. Definitely I will indicate the website and the voice from this Actor. Thank you a lot

Red Bull House of Art

"We have a modding project and we needed a voice actor for it, Neil fit the role perfectly, we went with him as he seemed like he could combine audio editing with a sound we like. We gave him quite a specific specification and he managed to replicate it perfectly, would highly recommend!"

William Angel

“ I have worked with Neil twice now and each time I am amazed by the quality of his work.  His vocal performance brings a project to life by capturing the characters emotion. Each project was completed quickly and effectively with no timing or audio issues, that made my job very easy. He has become my go to guy for ADR and I will undoubtedly call upon him in the future. “

David Cole - Composer and Sound Engineer

"Neil is a good voice actor The voice gives a perfect interpretation to "reliability", "authority" and "empathy"."

Martin Oyevaar - Author - Educator

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